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So I was offhandedly thinking about what episodes of Heroes I've missed (none of the new season. Last I saw was the backstory episode that wrapped up Season 1. Oh, other than about two minutes where Dr.Who was surprised to be seen, and the web-cam woman snapped a billy-club in half before being pressed up against a window), and it seems to me that Hiro probably isn't really "Stopping Time" when he stops time.

First off, really now.. the entire universe coming to a halt? That'd take a -whole- lot of oomph. It'd be easier if he just moved near-infinitely fast instead of making the rest of the universe come to a near-infinite crawl.

Second off, if he moves things, he can see that they've been moved.

Think about that one for a sec. The way sight works, it's like if someone is spraying a car down with a high-powered hose. The water bounces off of the car and splatters you, so you know that the car is there. Change the water to light, you to your eye, the hose to a light source, and that's how we see. Now! If Hiro were getting splattered by the water so he "stopped time" and moved the car, the water that'd already bounced back would still be positioned post-bounce. Much the same way, the light would still be positioned post-bounce, so he shouldn't be able to see when he moves things, if he were moving them in an actual "stopped time" situation, right?

As far as I can tell, it seems to fit more with if he were moving very very fast (save for wind-shear friction and all that). Since the speed of light is about 300,000,000 (3.0 x 108) meters per second and the "speed of sound" about 350 (3.5 x 102) meters per second, yet sound seems "instant" to us unless it's a good distance away, he could still be moving a million (1.0 x 106) times faster than everyone else and still have light apparently "work correctly" (save for careful testing) yet everything else seem stopped.

Edit To Add: I really must pick up this album in some sort've e-format. It's from John Wesley Harding's "It Happened One Night".

Roy Orbison Knows (The Best Man's Song)

Well your voice grips me tight like fingers
Takes hold of whatever's inside
Though we try to harmonize with different singers
When we're out of tune at least we'll know we've tried
Baby, it's a hopeless feeling
Leaves Mr. Logic reeling
I love you, I know
But what does that mean
When the only place forward is where we've just been
It's time to think twice
It's time to decide
Turn and keep walking or be my bride
Or be my bride
Or be my bride

Well Roy Orbison, he knows that I can't forget you
Well he told me last night at 45
Hope this honesty doesn't honestly upset you
He said "to lie is death to love", I know we're still alive
Baby when the morning's breaking
So many actresses have already started faking
I love you I know
But it's not such a big deal
I'm gonna tape you this song on my reel to reel to reel
It's time to think twice
Make up your mind
Take me to the altar or leave me behind
Or leave me behind
Or leave me behind

Well my memories, they lie to me just because they want to
Well, like a runaway train, you know I have no control
I'm gonna tell them where you live so they can go and haunt you
And take back all the parts of me you stole
But I no longer feel like crying
My nervous system's dying
I love you I know
But I'm anesthetized
I was foolishly hopeful, now I've realized
It was time to think twice
You had to go
I hope that you blossom, I hope that you grow
Write me a postcard, make it some little thing
If you get married, I'll carry the ring
If you get married, introduce me to him
Introduce me to him, introduce me to him
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