Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Fae Who?

Psst! ssha! Did you, or did you not, stop by Windy City MUX recently to ask about Fae-stuff? More to the point, about Dream Magic and what-all is covered under it?

In other news, note the next time you (not just you Ssha, anyone really..) see the advertisement involving the comedienne with red curly hair who I used to see quite a bit on HBO specials. She's talking about a waiter convincing her to "Just try it!" for some random dish, which she ends up ordering, eating all of, and feeling urpy so she tries Pepto-Bismol or Tums or some such stomach tonic. Look over her left shoulder to the right side of the screen for the first half of the ad -- there's some waiter looking towards the camera and acting like he's the one she's talking to. It's very odd.

The next time you see the ad for some Visa charge card where there's a stand-up diner with everyone milling about to the tune of Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse" (Better known as the music used in Warner Brothers cartoons when machinery is afoot. Also heard in the Soul Coughing song "Bus to Beelzebub"), note that when the poor fellow uses cash to pay for his food instead of the charge card (and everything comes to a crashing halt) that the person behind the register has change. Ok... if cash were so rare and exotic that it brought the place to a stand-still, why would they have change and small bills in the till? If they wanted to get that point across (that I don't agree with), I'd think they'd have her take a second to look for the button to open the drawer (since she never uses it), then take out some cobwebby, beaten-up, and tarnished change.

The next time you see the ad for a satellite-dish format television provider where the fellow is making small-talk with his neighbor ("My mother has a red car like yours. She doesn't have red hair like yours, though." "My mom does." "Really? Ha! That's crazy...") before he has to adjust his dish in the rain, note that I really like that ad. Yep, sure do. PS: That'd be this ad.
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