Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Cut & Pasted from beleiri

What kind of Stargate Jaffa are you?

1. You are surrounded by lots and lots and lots of enemies. You think:
a) Well, time to put up the big reflecty shield thingy and send others to die for me while I escape.
b) I will die well, in battle!
c) I die free!
d) I fight better drunk. Bring out the booze!

2. Your voice:
a) Wacky electronics distorted bass.
b) Regular
c) Deep unassisted human based bass
d) Jerry Seinfeld

3. Your weapon of choice
a) Gao'uld hand-thingy
b) Staff Weapon
c) Zat!
d) The FN P90

...a -- You're not a Jaffa! You're a Gao'uld! Hisssssss! FALSE GOD!
...b -- You're a loyal Jaffa! KNEEL BEFORE YOUR GOD!
...c -- You're Teal'c! SHOFTA!
...d -- You're not a Jaffa at all!

Tags: geek-chat
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