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Kashka From Baghdad

I tried seeing if I could ferret up an answer elsewhere, but I suspect folks either don't know or are a bit worried about my vague request. I'll give y'all the preamble that involves two things I like to wax both geeky and pedantic about: Religion and Role-Playing Games.

Ok, vampires vs. blessed objects.

One can make the broad statement that generally with most Christian sects, an object is just an object (even if it's cross-shaped or whatnot) and has no special traits until it's blessed (or if it's a primary or secondary relic, but we won't get into that).

One can make the broad statement that generally with most Jewish sects, an object is effectively "blessed" when in its natural state ("It was made by the creator, and you want something more?"), but it can lose that blessing for a while (IE: rendered unclean) if it is in contact with another "unclean" thing (like say.. a Christian. Or a dead ferret).

How about under Islam? Do they bless things, or are things normally deemed OK-Fine but they can be rendered unclean, or do they go with something else?
Tags: etymology, rpg
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