Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

A World Without String is Chaos

An open letter to those who live along Ohio Street, between Hammond Street and Winter Street, kicking around their porch, street, or sidewalk between ten pm and Midnight:

No. I do not have "a coupla forties" in the shopping bag. In fact, it usually contains tea, a granola bar, and cigarettes. This evening, the exact census is 23.5 ounces of AriZona Rx Energy Herbal Tonic (pretty much green tea with tons of ginseng in it, as well as some honey and various hippie things), 20 ounces of Lipton Green Tea w/ Citrus, 2.29 oz of Harvest Whole Grain granola bar (Strawberry Crunch, since they were out of Apple), 4.6 oz of Ben & Jerry's "The Cone" (waffle cone w/ cherry ice cream and chocolate stuff), and a pack of Camel Wides.

For some reason, the answer "Nope, tea." seems terribly confusing in reply to asking if I have a "coupla forties".

And although I admit that statistically, there is assuredly an event taking place in this time zone at some point before sunrise that could be called "a party" by the folks attending said event, I'm quite sure it shan't involve me nor my tea (nor even my ice cream).
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