Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Rapture-o-Rama Eshu

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A something that just struck me.. Rapture is Attr+Abil vs diff of (6 + Perm Banality minus Perm Glamour), with successes adding to Temp Glamour and botches adding to Temp Banality (so, a standard Glamour:4 Banality:3 Wilder would be rolling vs 6 + 3 - 4 = 5 difficulty). Right? Right.

Now, Eshu cannot botch Performance rolls, and Boggans cannot botch Crafts rolls. Given their natures, Eshu performing Rapture would probably do some theater-type Performance related thing, while Boggans would probably do some hands-on Crafts related thing, right?

..doesn't this mean that Boggans and Eshu can always attempt Rapture with no risk of Temp Banality? It almost makes me want to take a cue from Changeling 0th Edition, re-do the Birthrights in relation to Abilities, and have it be +1 Succ to those rolls instead of being botchless (as long as you're not using 3rd Edition Botch rules, where the extra Succ makes any level of Botch into a Fail). That'd also have the side-benefit of allowing the Kiths to run a chance of hitting a slightly higher mark than one could ever expect, instead of just never screwing up, in their particular departments.
Tags: rpg
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