Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Love's Sweet Voice Keeps Calling Yonder

And.. ..fireflies sighted before the 4th of July! Woo hoo!

That's a little yearly personal goal of mine, for those wondering.

Edit to Add: And I've had my tank boots for almost a year now (actually arrived 06/24/2005 2:06 P.M. according to UPS Ground Tracking), for those keeping track. The soles are still dandy, with the only real wear being the rough grainy surface being worn off (still is quite treadful). None of the stitches nor seams have had issues, still takes a polish quite well, and the only serious fiddling I've had to do with them is to punch another hole in the "around the ankle" straps due to the leather stretching with use combined with my liking a nice tight fit.

Other than the soles not being picture-perfect (which is no surprise, given they get at least two miles of sidewalk walking a day), the closest to wear and tear is that the black buckles are now coppery-metal buckles with black low-lights. Though I could fix that (if I didn't actually like the coppery-metal look) with a laundry pen or a bottle of nail-polish and a few minutes to spare.

It's also rather fun to only buckle the "around the ankle" buckle at the loosest setting with the tongue hanging out (like a columbian necktie), for that air-conditioned summer-time feel (that dehuman8 has often been so fond of).
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