Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Scrub the Shame out of your Game

So on a whim, I dialed up that thing from the strange ads. Mostly just to see what it was all about (since the ads aren't very clear about the gist they're going for) and to get some citrusy shower-scrub (which I just got all over my nose.. *ahem* ..when I just opened it to see what it smelled like). They sent the shower-scrub stuff, they sent a pamphlet for their faux-cult and they sent an "enclosed Order bracelet". The enclosed bracelet is a black leather strap with snaps that has the Illuminati-snake logo-thing on it in the center and the shedding snake on either side. Bit strange that, getting black leather bands in the mail. Hrm.

In other news, in thinking about Lovecraft some more? I'm liking the (based on nothing in reality) idea of Peter Jackson directing "Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath". He can do the epic story parts (like he did with Lord of the Rings), he can do the big looming critter parts (like he did with King Kong), he can do the dream-like otherworld parts (like he did with Heavenly Creatures), and he can do insanely odd gory bits (like he did with Dead Alive). Heck, I'd not mind if he tossed a Sumatran Rat-Monkey in the woods with the Zoogs.
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