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So the 'dream of note' the other day had to do with my suddenly being back in time, in World War II. The general feel was some Poland or Austria type place, in a POW camp. For some reason, I was in my Eagle Scout uniform, which confused the heck out of Tim Conway who was some officer-type also stuck in the camp. Not just a fellow who looked like Mr.Conway, but actually Mr.Conway himself. Seems the handkerchief-part of the modern Eagle Scout uniform was an identifier for some messenger-type back in the mid 1940s, so he first thought I was there to save them or get a message in/out.

It struck me that the best way to explain was to just get out with it and tell him that I was there from the future, the year 2002 (Yes, `02. Why `02 and not `06, I've no clue), and to assure him that he'd be fine. And also that Ruth Buzzi's carrer would be set in the future.

For those wondering, no. I hadn't been watching the Carol Burnett Show nor the History Channel the night before.

Oh! Oh! And some of you might be interested to hear that Sarah-Jane Smith and K9 will have an upcoming cameo in an episode of Doctor Who.

Tags: dream, telemedia
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