Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Hoe Yourself Down

Just a metric -ton- of tracks from an LP allegedly sent me.

Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground (Willie Nelson)

St. Monday (Billy Bragg, not sure if it's off of an LP or not)

No Sure Way (Loudon Wainwright III. Nice little NYC subway song that I -think- might also be about the World Trade Center and all)

Hard For Me To Sing The Blues (darn cute blues song by.. Saffire? Some absurd name like that. The song is better than the name)

Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk (Rufus Wainwright. One of my favorites on this)

The Beauty In Store (Beaver Nelson. Another big favorite)

Widow's Walk (Suzanne Vega)

Ballad of the Sun and the Moon (Alejandro Escovedo w/ Rosie Flores)

Honey Bomb (Bob Schneider)

Political Science (David Baerwald. Yep, a cover of the "Boom goes London, Boom Paris" song)

What Would Willie Do? (Bruce Robison. As in "Willie Nelson")

Private Universe (Neil Finn)

Tags: le musique
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