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Random Bits!

Random little things I've been meaning to jot down for a while now:

1) Got the Pentium III and an Intel Celeron processor to see if I can upgrade my computer a notch. Alas, no such luck. It's a bad sign when even the Power On/Off button doesn't work, no? I'll be futzing around with jumpers and dip-switches to see if I can coax it to accepting at least the Celeron (since I was able to actually get something on-screen for one of the five tries with the Celeron).

2) For those in the know about HTML, is there a way to have it so there's a background image on the left and a background image on the right, relative to a particular screen width with a minimum amount of space between the two (so one can have text in the center and image bookends on either side, widening the central space if someone has their resolution cranked up in the thousands)?

3) Quite an interesting disorder came up in a dream of mine: Aversion/Attraction Disorder. Namely someone being both repulsed about a particular concept/notion/thing, yet also compelled to focus on it. In the dream, it was someone who'd price things at $19.99 due to having A/A towards integers. They'd want to get as close to an integer as they could, without actually reaching that integer. In a way, it's akin to myself with snow removal equipment.

4) I never saw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series until Cartoon Network started to show it (right before I go to bed, around 6 AM) recently. At one point, they're having to use makeshift weapons and one of them ends up with just a pair of spoons. When he first has to use them, he yells out, "SPOOOOON!" -- For those who don't recognize it, that's from The Tick. And I'm pretty sure that this pre-dated the animated Tick series, so it shows the writers for TMNT were reading the Tick comics. Nice touch.
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