Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Translation, Please!

So elsewhere, I happened upon this trivial little odd thing where one would plug the letters of your name in and get a 'reading' about yourself. The key letter (whose result is the basis of this query) is 'U', but I've included some others so one can get a feel for what sort've things they're aiming for..

S- People think you are so sexy, especially your bf/gf
T- You have an attitude, a big one.
U- You usally r hella tight.
V- You are not judgemental.
W- You are very broad minded.

..ok, I can get "hella" (IE: overtly/very), but "tight"? I can think of a few ways tight can be used in slang (way back there it'd mean miserly, or it can be a variation of "cool" used by Kerouac and Mingus, or meaning "drunk" used by George Thorogood and the Deleware Destroyers, etc..), but I'm unsure just which is applying here.

And on an unrelated note..."dissing"? Is that term still in vogue (meaning to disrespect someone, otherwise known as "harshing on" someone), or has a newer form of the same notion come about?

In other news: I'd say that either the folks at the local Borders are taking their sweet time reviewing my job application (that's one heck of a background check!), or they lied about getting back to me. After eight years of waiting, I'm starting to suspect something is up (that'd be me, the crafty one).
Tags: etymology
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