Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Have you ever seen a dream dancing?

Please note that the characters portrayed in last night's dream were not Stargate Go'uld, but instead Egyptian played by various cast members from "Forever Knight" (hey, I don't direct these things. I just dream them).

It seems that Horus (Nigel Bennett) had killed Anubis (Actor unknown), which caused a ton of problems with the world. Horus had attempted to fill in for a while, but it just wasn't working out; just far too much for one god to try to fill two roles. Why he wasn't able to do it with his 'Osiris Self', I've no clue.

So, he instead set up the Pazuzu (yes, the Sumerian Pazuzu. Why the seven Sumerian demons of illness were doing temp-work in Egypt, I've no clue) to take the place of Anubis, presiding over the job of Death in a committee instead of the previous monarchy. Someone who was to Horus as Horus is to Ra was the main focus of this (played by Geraint Wyn Davies), although it might've been Osiris. All I know is that Horus was 'over' this person and this person had ties to Horus as if Horus were the one who created him. Let's pretend it was Osiris (even though Osiris came before Horus).. Osiris was complaining about how the department of death really wasn't the sort've position that should be run by a committee, but Horus put up a good argument. "Who knows all the ways a man can die? Drowning, falling, heart attack, stroke, impact, being stung by scorpions, all of these could happen in the next hour to anyone alive. Is it right to put all that power in the hands of one being? Is it not more just to allow divine defense?"

Trouble is, as these ways of dying were being explained to He-Who-Might've-Been-Osiris, there were sort've close-up flash-back shots of him suffering these fates. And as luck would have it, my perspective was pretty much over Semi-Osiris' shoulder so I was feeling the sensations as well. The scorpion stabbing into my hand was something I was able to sleep through the first time, but when it was demonstrated a second time around, I ended up waking up with a 'ghost pain' in the back of my left thumb (where the scorpion's stinger had been drilling into me).
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