Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

"Useless? You said you're Useless?" -- "No! Eustace!"

So I was kicking around the website at work yesterday and dialed up a little 'Test your Narnia Knowledge' thing (VIS: ).

I was expecting it to be some cheesy little Lion/Witch/Wardrobe-based one that someone could breeze through even if they just heard about the book second-hand (EG: Fenris Ulf is a... 1) Lion. 2)Bear. 3) Wolf. 4) Beaver.), you know?

Heck no! One of the first questions was "Who was the first person that [the Horse and his Boy, they said their names in the question but I can't recall them. Wilbur and Ed? Close enough..] encountered after entering Archenland?" Good golly, Miss Molly, I wasn't expecting them to even touch on the other books! I wonder if this means they'll be doing the others as well? I'd just love to see a well-done Magican's Nephew and a spooky as all get-go Silver Chair (just as long as Puddleglum doesn't resemble a cousin of Jar-Jar Binks). Anyway.. my score was 5 out of 7. Not too shabby for someone who hasn't re-read a single one of them in the last 15+ years, if I may say so myself.

Although I got to wondering at work today: Which is better.. 'What Would Aslan Do?' or 'Aslan Died for Your Sins'? The latter is more classic, but the former is more topical. I prefer the latter, but I bet most folks would prefer the former.
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