Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Say, Chandrevyn?

This is just a hoot and a half..

..Magic:The Gathering has -nothing- on Theology:The Game.

In other news, recall my iffiness about folks who teach their kids to say, "Thank you!" purely by rote? Same cute girl, same kid of hers, heading into their apartment building and as before, I hold the door open for them and the cute girl tells her kid to say 'thank you'. Kid says "Thank you!" as fine as pie, but then sort've keeps repeating it in a sing-song parrot-like way while heading up the stairs. Not like the kid was singing a 'Thank You Song' but more just like the kid was revelling in the sounds of the words.

So yep, I'm still pretty iffy about the practice of getting a kid used to saying "thank you" with the kid not knowing the basis of the words.
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