Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Good News vs Bad News

Bad News: Keyboards do not like this new Cherry Vanilla Dr.Pepper. I got home, saw Stargate was on, dialed up Paris and Chicago, and *fsssssst* ... 1/3 of the Dr.Pepper sprayed across my desk. I futzed around but then it started to activate (NOTE: I think the actual term is 'actuate' in this case, no?) the Alt and Ctrl keys randomly. So, I unplugged it and slapped on one of those lousy 'WinBest' brand keyboards and clattered around with that for a while, muttering about yet another of my favored keyboards gone to seed (NOTE: There's this type made for the IBM 386 that I really really like. I want to say it's from like 1985 or so, so it's a hard model to find. I was lucky to find a replacement when the last one went south). I drank the second third of the Dr.Pepper, then poured the last third down the sink (It was pretty good, actually. I just wanted to spite it. Inanimate objects have no rights when they start getting uppity around me).

Good News: I tore it apart, down to that plastic-sheet circuit-board and gave it a serious wet-towel wipe-down. Blasted it for a while with a hairdryer on High Force and Warm Temp, put it all together again (with an extra screw left over.. *ahem* ..but hey, it is me doing a job. Expect creative liberties over accuracy), and as the French say, "Le Pouf!". I have my keyboard back again (other than the space bar not being quite so bounce-backy.. I know why it's doing it, and it's a thing that I really don't want to bother with right away).
Tags: geek-chat
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