Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

WoD `R' Us

I think I've figured out why I have some varying ideas about WoD than other folks do..

The whole 'add Attribute + Ability for die pool, roll it versus a Difficulty' thing, the Soak mechanic and being able to take it as a given if your die pool is greater than the difficulty? Storyteller System.

The notion of Changelings having Glamour to fuel things and Banality to work against them, Vampires expending Vitae to do tricks (and one to just be active), Mages racking up Paradox when they do blatantly impossible magic, etc..? WoD.

The notion of there being Nine Mage Traditions, the Were-Hawks being killed off long ago and far away in prehistory, vampires having the Camarilla and the Sabbat, the Trods to the Near Dreaming being closed off (mostly) in the last 600 years or so and re-opening around the time of the moon landing? Suggestions.

One could nix all nine Mage Traditions and instead say that whatever Sphere you first picked up is the one you have -1 Difficulty with and say there are three large organized groups (and no Technocracy) and to me that'd still be WoD (Perhaps one of Forces/Matter/Life, a second of Mind/Spirit/Prime, and the third of Corr/Time/Entropy if you still wanted to pair them up with Spheres of Magic?). It's just not using the 'color' material from the books and is no worse than playing D&D and deciding to not set it in Greyhawk or Oerth or Krynn or Middle Earth; it's still the same game, but just using what's presented for the setting in the books as a suggestion.

Which is why I think I'm fine with the idea of there being an unlimited number of Clans/Kiths/Traditions/Tribes/Breeds, and the notion of the various 'Supers' never having a large enough population to organize anything like the Council of Nine or the Camarilla.. ..and still calling it WoD.
Tags: rpg
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