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Rain of Pins

Some more ideas came to mind about Rain of Pins. For those who don't know (and who care) about it, the notion is a bad little film that is meant to be bad (a la Ed Wood) but doesn't seem like it's trying to be bad.

It all started after watching the very bad 'Teenagers from Outer Space' where the aliens had some weapon that'd reduce a person to a skeleton with a single zap. The trouble is, they got the skeleton(s) from a medical supply store, so there are little eye-hooks up atop the skulls so they can be hung from a display rack. Somehow, this led to my notion that began with the poster line, "pins. Pins! PINS! Upon the heads of which no angel ever danced! It will jerk your chain of fear!!"

The premise is that there are these pins raining down from the sky on random folks/things, killing them. That's about it, really. The 'pins' in the attack scenes will be wooden pencils with half-dollar sized disks of paper stuck to the non-eraser end and spray-painted silver - someone will be tossing handfulls of them at the folks from off-screen. Mind, after the attack when they're examining the person? It'll switch to normal sewing pin type things.

I was a bit torn about how to work up the name since I wanted something sort've clunky (like how in the opening credits for "Attack of the Eye Creatures", they screwed up and had "Attack of the the Eye Creatures"), and my latest notion is to use parenthesis-bits. Thus.. "(the) Rain of (the) Pins".

A while ago, I wanted to have one of the scientists the main characters (two healthy teen-aged kids, who are supposed to be in high school but look like they're in their mid to late 20s) contact theorize that the pins come from 'the outer space' and are a product of space-lightning. Last night, the idea came to mind that when they visit the doc, they'll be shown heading into some 1950's era pre-fab house in full daylight. Once inside, the set will be in some university laboratory (as if the lab were in the living room of the house). They'll spend about five minutes talking to the doc and one of them will say, "Golly, it's getting late. Well, thanks for your help, doc!" and they'll head outside where it's now pitch-black night.

At this rate, I figure I'll actually have a script in the next ten years.
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