Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Random Bits!

Has anyone out there in TV land ever picked up military issue boots? I've my eye on a pair of tank books that'll cost about $100, but I'd rather not spend $100 on a single pair of shoes (much less on a single shoe) if they're not going to last at least five years.

So Sci-Fi finally got around to showing the episodes of X-Files that feature Doggett and Reyes, which are the episodes I've never seen. But I never really expected this to happen..
They killed off the Lone Gunmen! All three! With a nasty glowing virus!!, I was depressed when falling asleep last night (and for some reason dreamed of Michelle Spragg again. She was talking about eating Wheat Thins). But fortunately today, it turns out Paul (my boss) remembered to hit Borders on a timely manner, so I'm now the proud owner of Robyn Hitchock's Moss Elixir, Spooked, and Luxor.

Oh, and as I've been meaning to mention, I had a snippet of a dream a while ago that involved the Joker (of Batman fame) turning out to be female all this time. She had been struck by some amnesia thing (possibly wonky therapy from Arkham Asylum) so she had no clue about her previous life of crime, but was starting to suspect. In talking with leighgion about it, it might actually have some story merit (although I bet trejo shall have his doubts).
Tags: boots, dream, michelle
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