Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Postcards from the Edge

Belated dream-note entry here..

There was a road-side store, very much like the one that Radical Edward wants to buy the melons from in Cowboy Beebop. Next to it is this -HUGE- ice-machine, much like the kind you see at the sides of stores, but it was a mix of that and the walk-in coolers one finds in florists or in cigar shops. One of the blower-fans was out, and behind it there was a small metal door. Rumour has it that at least 20 folks had gone missing in the fan intake, yet for some odd reason no-one seems to've noticed the door (and like a fool, I thought, "Hey! Why not go in to check? Not like I'll end up missing..").

Through the door, one finds oneself in room 37 of what was mostly Everett Junior High School (where I went to Jr. High. Note that this was a dream-modified version so it was more based on Everett Jr.High. I'm not sure if there was even really a 'Room 37' since they all had A, B, C, or D in front of the names based on which quarter of the school they were in), albeit a bit darker and twistier. It struck me as not all that far off from the downstairs of Everett Jr.High (over by the shop classes), and the dream boiler room from Nightmare on Elm Street.

Somehow, poking around down there lead me up to the roof. Now, the roof was just plain odd.. the floor was the same yellow hard-wood as a baseketball court, but far from flat. It rather curved and sloped around like a giant skate-park kind've affair. Every so often, there were nets, both of the soccer-type and the basketball-type. Seems it was some sort've game court that was fairly alien. Alas, I never really had a great handle on it, since the 'coach' wasn't frightfully chatty.. ...even though it was blatantly Michael Caine (young Michael Cain, like from Ipcriss or Man Who Would be King or Zulu).

A week or two later, I just caught a single line: "Why is it the little things in life sound so trite?"
Tags: dream
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