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So there's a WoD Changeling Art called 'Metamorphosis'. And guess what, it changes the shapes of things. The premise is that when the Sidhe were away for those 600 years, this was one of the Arts that the folks that stuck around whipped up (much like how Chronos is one that those who stuck around didn't know about). This.. I'm fine with. It's actually a bit interesting since it shows that there was a need for the 'Cheat Codes to Reality' that are Cantrips back in the pre-1400's (otherwise, the Sidhe wouldn't have Chronos), as well as showing that one can work up Arts without access to Arcadia.

Here's my gripe though.. Metamorphosis:3 can make the target larger or smaller. It's called 'Go Ask Alice'.

With the other Arts, you have things like Soothsay, Tattletale, Willow Wisper, Hopscotch, Fair is Foul, Effigy.. nice names! But 'Go Ask Alice'?! When I was ranting about this last night, one of my larger gripes was not only the lousy name but also, "What did they call it before Lewis Carrol wrote that story?". For those of you who like to pick nits, that would mean that either Metamorphosis wasn't worked up to a third level until some time after 1863, or they re-named it (or Option "C', which is the White Wolf retcon idea that Lewis Carrol got the idea from the Changelings. Because, you know, non-Supers suck and can't do anything of note ever.. *A-HEM*).

I realized at work today that I was wrong about that. It's not a quote from Lewis Carrol (since no-one in their right mind would've suggested going to Alice for advice in the books; she's a stranger in a strange land), it's a quote from Jefferson Airplane (Circa 1967)!

I shall stick with my earlier idea and change the name of Metamorphosis:3 from 'Go Ask Alice' to 'Biggorliddle'.

On another note, I found out at work recently that the rather charming waitress Maggie (who has slightly recessed upper lateral incisors; a 'cuteness plus' in my book) took a year of Japanese, and although she dislikes most Anime, she is passingly familiar with both popular Anime and with Akira Kurosawa films. Add that to her habits of dark tartan socks, doing the Charleston when she doesn't think anyone is watching, and looking passingly like the French actress from the cinema version of 'Unbearable Lightness of Being'.
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