Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Interestingly enough..

The Yellow Emperor (黄帝 Huáng Dì) is a mythical hero said in legend to be the ancestor of all Chinese people. The legend of his retreat to the west in the war against the eastern Emperor Chi Woo at the Battle of Zhuolu is seen as the establishment of the Han Chinese nationality.

Among his other accomplishments, Huáng Dì has been credited with
the invention of the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The basic text on Traditional Chinese Medicine is the Neijing Suwen (The Medical Canon) of the Yellow Emperor. According to tradition this foundational classic text was composed by the Emperor in collaboration with his minister Ch'i Pai, during his reign from 2696-2598 B.C.

Note that The King in Yellow is supposed to convey a plague unto the audience as it drives them into an insane mob. Not that hard to take the tricks to cause a plague and reverse the causality so as to write up a text on medicine.
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