Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Night-Bird Calls in Bangor

From: William Young
6:01 AM (7 minutes ago)

To: fieldspond, teresa.costello

Around 2 AM, July 28th, I was getting out of work and heard a rather odd bird-call coming from around the corner of French & State street in downtown Bangor. At first, I thought it was possibly a parrot or cockatiel in someone's window, but wandering around seemed to find it coming from All Souls Congregationalist Church or thereabouts (which obviously doesn't dismiss the hypothesis of it being a pet bird that escaped).

For a description of what it sounded like, a fairly annoying and piercing 'Skraw!' followed by a trail of 'chuck chuck chuck' sounds. For my horrible attempts at imitating it, I've included an .mp3 of my rendition.

Yes, this was at two in the morning.

William D. Young

Real Mail: 42 Winter Street 04401-4718

Click for Annoying Sound

FYI, I sent it to two folks - the local Audubon Society Chapter, and the University o' Maine's Biology department.
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