Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

So, I was talking with someone at work today about how I really find bad-flying insects, like moths, fruitflies, and junebugs to be extra-special annoying.

If you're walking down the street and a butterfly or a dragonfly is in the way, it tends to get out of the way. If a non-fruit fly is understandably flying about, you can drive it away with shoo-ing actions. But things like moths, fruitflies, and junebugs have somehow worked up the means to fly without working up the sense to get out of the way, fly in a sensible direction, or perform any sort of evasive actions.

A fiction I like to endorse is that if I were to ever become religious, it'd be due to these critters; a logical system of animal creation really couldn't produce things this useless.
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