Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Random Photoshootery Notion

I’ve had a heck of a time trying to find where this image originated. I found a number of hits with a Google Image Search, but had to check back month by month, since they don’t sort images by chronology. All I can tell is it gets lost in a morass of Tumblr and Soup.Io re-posts back mid-2010.

The reason I want to know is that it gave me the idea of, well… have you seen the draft-shots for modeling magazines, where they’ve taken the basic pictures and then someone has scribbled in notes about what to change post-production (Old-school, airbrush. These days, digital manipulation)? That, but in the picture itself. So there’d be a narrow strip of paper hanging from the hem of a skirt to the ground with “MAKE THESE LEGS LONGER” written on it. Somehow, the person’s hair itself would have, “MORE BODY” written on it.

I really like this idea, and might even do something with it. Just to make life easier, I’ll probably start with finding local folks who like the idea and then ask them what sort of post-production notes they’d like to have with/on them. Emphasis on the -s of ‘notes’, since just one note will make it look like a (de?)motivational poster.
Tags: internettery
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