Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

I Can Swing My Megaphone

Let us say, hypothetically, that I wanted to post a song online for other folks to hear, and said song could very well violate copyright laws. What's a good place for that?

The song in question, non-hypothetically, is R.E.M's "Turn You Inside Out" and the reason for the "very well" qualifier is that I want to post it at twice normal speed (but with the pitch dropped an octave so Stipe doesn't sound like a chipmunk) since the bass-line's charm is much more obvious when it's twice normal speed (I discovered this when using high-speed tape-to-tape dubbing, back in the day). The qualifier for "good place" is that although I can upload mp3 files to LiveJournal and/or Tumblr, I'd rather not have the entire journal of mine DMCA yanked; just the post containing the file would be fine, if yankage had to happen.

I have the technology to speed it up and drop the bass, no problem. It's just the hosting that I'm unsure about.
Tags: internettery, le musique, q&a
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