Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Fine Molasses Candy

In order to thank the blue jay (that I've been Tweeting about, appropriately enough) for hanging around my side yard and trying to chase away the squirrels that have been living in my roof, I attempted to re-hang some of the bird-feeders.

I wanted one right about where the jay has been, and I had the dandy idea to tie a length of fishing line to a spark plug and then whing the sucker over a branch. Only took two tries to get it up there! After that, I tied some twine to the line and pulled the twine up over the branch. I tied one end to the top of a full bird-feeder, then wrapped a branch around the other end and started to haul the bird-feeder up into position (far away from any squirrel-access branches), until it was up enough that I could tie off the branch-wrapping end to the fence.

Worked, up until the bird-feeder got about a foot off the ground. That's when the twine gave way. Yes, I tested first to make sure the twine was stronger than the fishing line.

So, it's currently hanging in a spot that the squirrels will figure out how to reach before too long, but my next plan is to take a number of the bicycle brake-lines we have around and weld/splice/whatever them into one twenty foot long (or so) cable and then do the same thing, but with the twine now pulling up the steel cable, and hopefully nothing snapping in the process.

Wouldn't it be a kick in the pants if the branch broke?

PS: Post title origin?
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