Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Random Affirmation

Hey, hey there Will. I'm not sure that you will remember me, but, i remember you. Not sure we had many conversations, just exchanges of pleasantries mostly, while we both worked at the New Moon. This was back in 2000, I believe, and I had just moved to town. I worked evenings at first, but was not faring well as I wanted to keep sticking my nose in a book while it was slow and neglected customers. Anyway, as I vaguely recall, Paul (owner's name, yes?) was riding my ass one night and I felt like I was about to go nuts and you kindly walked over to me and took whatever I had out of my hands and eased my burden. You were like that, the rest of the night, helping me. And you didn't really say a word, which I appreciated at the time, otherwise I would have started crying my eyes out if you said something kind to me. So, moral of the story: People remember your kindness. Thank you.

The funny thing is, I'm as likely to recall this as I'd be to recall, "Remember that time when you drank a lot of coffee and started to go on a long tangent about etymology?", given how often I do things like that.
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