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Initially, Monday-into-Tuesday's dream started as an immersive VR video game. Rather standard war-type shoot-em-up in a jungle sort of forest. I believe it was the demo walk-through of a beta test, since I had someone explaining the details of the game to me. For example, the voice-over referred to "rounds" and "cartridges" as things one could shoot; the "rounds" only came in three or so types and were fairly standard actual rounds, while the "cartridges" were smaller caliber and tended to be special effect rounds (EG: incindiary, tracer, et cetera) of about a half-dozen types. I noticed that the "What is this thing?" feature (a bit like Navi from Ocarina of Time) was missing some data while testing out how various aircraft worked, so I started to add to that and fill in blank fields.

Somehow, this led to my working on an encyclopedia of everything, which looked like a bound humming mass of glowing transluscent plastic pages, with the 11th and 10th Doctors (yes, from Doctor Who) helping. Each time it was boosted (I guess it was the encyclopedia compiling the data or something?) the glowing shifted a few notches up the spectrum. When it hit red-to-purple, the hum would go up in pitch (sort of like it was showing the octave of the spectrum?) before it continued through the color wrap-around. We had to stop at one point, because enough stuff was going on in reality (no clue if this encyclopedia was for the game's virtual reality or for the actual factual universe itself) that the encyclopedia couldn't catch up with what was happening: an information singularity, as it were. I seem to recall that we had the choice to keep adding data (which would pre-determine future events), or just let it auto-update on its own from there on out. The three of us (me, the Doctor, and the Doctor) went with the latter option, so I went back to the game.

In there, there was a family in the [something. In my notes, it looks like I wrote 'wildleaf'] of the game, hunting snakes. The patriarch of the family had taken to skinning snakes and making animate gloves out of them, with multiple heads from one type of snake attached to a single body of the same type of snake, per finger -- imagine a taxidermed animate rattlesnake hydra on one finger, taxidermed animate asp hydra on another, et cetera. A very very large black snake ("v.v.large" to the tune of "about as big around as a VW Bug") apparently took umbrage with this fashion choice and started to attack us, eating some of the family. There was a school nearby, possibly based around Badger Road Elementary School (where I went from Kindergarten to 4th grade), that I took refuge in. The ends of the building were the admin offices, like anchor stores in a mall, and could be closed off far easier than the classroom halls could, so I tried to fortify & snake-proof the building from one end, until the mega-snake had trashed enough that I had to dash across the building and continue fending off the seige from the other end.
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