Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Gimp My Ride

Anyone out there really really familiar with Gimp?

A thing that I occasionally wish I could do, by way of some Script-Fu Add-On sort of affair, is to select a particular region, then click a thing that makes it select everything of the color(s) that's in that region.

This way, let's say I have a picture of a field of roses and I want to do something funky with the flower blossoms. Instead of continually selecting this color, plus that color, plus this other color, et cetera, of the various blooms, I can "just" select one flower and then... *click* ...have it select everything of those various shades of red.

Is there such a thing out there, or do I have to stick with doing it 'long-hand'?
Tags: q&a
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