Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

The Bear Went Over the Mountain

Last night's dream partially involved me walking through the woods. I heard a sound and/or smelled a smell that let me know that something horrible was in the nearby area, so I was carefully looking through the trees.

Up on a hillside, this beast came into view (a beast that I has earlier recognized the sound or smell of). It basically looked like a black Standard Poodle (what with the wooly fur and all), but with little to no head, and all the joints in the legs seemed to be full-rotation ball & socket joints. I don't know how large it was supposed to be, but my dream memories told me that, "This is a species of animal that, on the food chain, is a predator to bears". Around the time that I saw it, it saw me and started to circle down the hillside towards some concealing foliage.

Really wish I remembered how it turned out.
Tags: dream
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