Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

'Das Kite-Essen Tree' von F. Kafka

For those who hadn't seen it, there's a recent thing manifesting on the world-wide web, called 3eanuts. In some ways comparable to Garfield Minus Garfield, it's Peanuts strips with the last panel removed.

Some folks, like James Ubaniak, really don't care for it. I'm not sure if I actually agree with Mr.U here, though. Obviously Garfield Minus Garfield requires a bit of tweaking to produce (PS: I'm betting it started off with the idea of what Garfield strips would be like if the animals acted like normal animals (IE: With no thought balloons of text), and that idea evolved into just removing the animals, which evolved into just sticking with the Jon & Garfield ones, but now sans chatte), but I do believe that 3eanuts has more value than just the Dadaist angle of cut-up, or at least on par with the non sequitur jokes in untranslated Shin-chan and Andy Warhol's repeating prints.

It's probably not art, but I like it.
Tags: internettery
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