Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

When Craig's List Attacks

Or more to the point, when folks just don't really "get" the Missed Connections section of Craig's List.

Bangor smoke shop girl.. Airport mall - m4w - 38 (Bangor)

Date: 2011-02-11, 10:54AM EST

Every time I go to the airport mall smoke shop, usually a night on the weekends..theres a girl with a labret, Thin like me who just really excites me. Looks like you might be around 30? Anyway...can never get a minute in there to say more than hi cause its always so busy. Would love to get to know you a lot better. If anyone knows her please let her know about the post or if shes curious as to who thinks shes hot, I can send a pic. Totally chill, non-stalker type lol...just am so intrigued by her and think shes really hot. Thanks

Pretty straightforward and normal for CL's MC sections. The only thing a little odd is that the connection isn't "missed" since she's apparently still around there; if he used to see her around there up until a month/week/whatever ago and was posting this so he could get in touch with her, that'd be a bit more missed (although even then he could just ask at the Smoke Shop, quite frankly. It'd probably require the Smoke Shop to be closed down for it to be truly missed, but I digress...).

A day or so later, this popped up.

RE:BANGOR SMOKE SHOP - 46 (bangor)

Date: 2011-02-12, 1:25PM EST

This is for the guy who wrote about the girl at the bangor smoke shop...I know her and we showed her your add on here and shes pissed that you did that your really creepy dude and actually you are a the hell do you think she feels about you exposing her that way nyour a wack and if we figure out who you are your gonna be sorry....stay away from her and the shop ......your a fuckin wacko dude.....

What? What?! (feel free to imagine me saying it like this, since that is how I'm saying it) As I pointed out earlier, the original poster hasn't exactly missed his connection with the labret girl, but nothing really seems to point towards wacko creepy stalker territory, like the replier suggests.

NB: And before anyone asks, no. I didn't even know the Airport Mall had a smoke shop. I think the last time I was even in the Airport Mall was in the late 1990s, hitting Radio Shack.

Oh! And I've been meaning to post about a dream I had last week! Seems there were these things, much like the artifacts in Warehouse 13, the cursed objects in Friday the 13th: The Series, or the Talismans from Jackie Chan Adventures. I seem to recall having a dream-memory of there only being four or five of them, but the dream (section that I remember) started with just one. It was a vaguely mer-maid/-man looking thing, about the size of a tube of Chapstick or SuperGlue. One would give the tail a twist like winding up a wind-up toy, then set it on one's chest. The object would shrink down and become amazingly massive, eventually breaking down through the skin and into the person's chest cavity (you had to be sure not to set it over your sternum or a rib, since that could just end up crushing your chest). Initially, I had the perspective of the person applying this to themselves (PS: It really really hurt, and there was a slew of blood), but then I soon clicked to the perspective of someone researching the case. I want to say the application of the object into one's chest either allowed one to fly or to breathe underwater?

Of course, in trying to recall more about this dream in the following few days, I started to worry that maybe I had something horrible and painful actually go on in my chest while I was asleep, and this was a dream remix of it.
Tags: dream
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