Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

StaffRobot Gets Uppity

Dear StaffRobot,

I'll get right on that, just as soon as you stop asking the agnostic guy about the preferred religion of his hypothetical potential dates, or requesting yes/no answer preferences to questions that are too complex for yes/no answers, or asking if it'd really be a deal breaker if they (quote) ever felt that a song was the main thing that helped them get through a difficult time (unquote).

PS: Dear,

Now that you've bought up OKCupid, please to be adding the ability to upload pictures right to the on-site journals, so one doesn't have to post elsewhere and hyperlink, as well as adding nested comment functionality.

PPS: I'd really like to know what I've been doing differently in the last two years that knocked my blood-pressure up to the prehypertension/hypertension borderline. My initial armchair theory is the change in venue of my workplace from "Fine Dining" to "Bar & Grill".
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