Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Sometimes You Meet Someone and Your Guts Just Burn


Today, on my way to work, I started to have a bit of postcholesystectomy kick in. Nothing odd, happens every few weeks after the surgery.

Man, oh man, by the time I got to work, I could barely talk. Y'ever see or hear when folks are represented as sweating due to intense pain? I always thought that might just be for dramatic effect, but well... yep! It can happen! And what'd doubly worse about such a situation is that it's really hard to explain to folks what's going on, letting them know that there's a 98% chance or so if it being "just pain" that'll go away in an hour, and that it doesn't require anything medical or first aidy.

That's probably the worst part of this post-cholewhoosit -- it goes away within an hour at the longest, so any pain-killers that'd actually kick in would require ones that don't have to work through the digestive tract.

And for some crazy reason, I doubt I could get a prescription to carry around an epi-pen full of morphine, due to a pain that only lasts a few dozen minutes, every few weeks.
Tags: mystery pain
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