Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

All Around Town

I wonder if it's just too nitpicky to suggest to Google Maps to add footpaths to their walking directions?

Case in point, scope out the picture below.

The normal translucent blue arrow path is what they'd suggest if I wanted to walk from my house to John Bapst. The path with home-dubbed light blue ugly arrows is what I'd actually take, since there's a series of stairs that lead down from Coe Park to a bridge that spans the Kenduskeag Stream (NB: The bridge used to be the Morse Covered Bridge, but it burnt before I moved here), thus easily getting one from the West side (represent) to the East side (yo), without having to double back down the intensely steep hill (well, it's actually the side of a valley) that Nelson Street goes down.

How does one even go about pointing out non-autocentric routes to Google Maps?
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