Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Yo, Get Me a Turkey Sandwich, Dawg

For the last day or so, the Fairpoint DSL connection at home has been flaky, so we're switching over (currently! As I type this, supposedly!) to Roadrunner digital cable, instead. The only reason we'd kept a land phone-line was due to having the DSL, so with the internet-access switch-over, we'll be losing the land-line (...handy warning for those who hadn't jotted down my cell number).

But with the internet being flaky, that meant I actually watched television last night. Alas, I didn't know what channel was which, since I consult a web-page for "What number channel is NBC?" and suchlike, so I ended up clicking around for a while until I discovered that SyFy was re(re-re-re-)showing Bitten! Personally, I think it a great little film and would be quite happy to hear of a Bitten II in the works (as long as it had the same director and writers). If you're not sure that it's the vampire film for you, try to watch it at least until the "Tidy Up Your Mess!" song plays before you make your decision.

My only real gripe about Bitten is an awfully nitpicky "mechanical" issue.

Ok, so within a week or so, Danika is chomping multiple folks daily and draining them dry. To drain someone dry means that someone comes back as a vampire. So, unless the lazy-daisy who produced Danika didn't follow through with a standard strict mentor-system that's normally par for the course in Vampire Reproduction 101, this means the Bitten-verse should be neck-deep in vampires.
Tags: telemedia
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