Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Mixed Up, Muddled Up

Remember me mentioning "Lola" in the past (I'll dig up hyperlinks later, since I apparently didn't work up a LJ Tag for her)?

Someone was telling me about "...the person who jumped off the bridge recently in Bangor" and I thought they meant this unidentified, but rescued, person. Turns out, there were two water-bound folks in Bangor the same day!

Not only was that afore-linked-to person, but also this person (who is still unaccounted for).

William Hilderbrand, AKA: JL, AKA: Jael, would be the person I internally nicknamed "Lola" back in the day. Yow!

PS: Before anyone gets in a huff about the Bangor Daily News' use of the masculine pronoun, Hilderbrand was occasionally quick to drunkenly and loudly announce, "I'm a boy!", even though Hilderbrand would generally use the women's it's anyone's call what sort of pronoun Hilderbrand prefers.

PPS: Just added the "Lola" tag for ease of future research.

PPPS: You wanted pictures, katoki? Try this, this, and this.
Tags: lola
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