Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Sugarplum Fairy Came and Hit the Streets

Recently, when someone running a game was running into problems, it came up in discussion that folks tend to like handrails; not walls, but easily jump-overable handrails. For an old-school RPG reference, think Gamma World. For a newer one, think of if a oWoD game allowed sentient animate chimerae as PCs. Both of these really allow you to make just about anything, as long as it fits in the parameters of the game. Now, that might work well for small groups of folks in a traditional tabletop role-playing game, but when it's a MU* (where any number of folks might randomly show up), that often makes folks balk. What seems to help is to have it so that a broad range of stuff is allowed, but there's a few suggestions.

Think of it like some liberal art class -- one way is to just open up the door to the supply closet and say, "Go for it!", while another way is to have one box of oil-painting stuff, another of acrylic-painting stuff, another of clay sculpting stuff, et cetera (as well as the general stuff in the closet), thus giving folks handrails for picking what to go with (although they're not stuck with just one, and they can still go with whatever mix-and-match they might go for).


Ok! So along those lines, I started to come up with some 'handrails' for Windy City's fae sphere. So far I've come up with these for fairy-types that could work as playable characters and would have a pretty good reason to be in downtown Chicago, but I could still use a couple more.

Tags: q&a, rpg
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