Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

First Marzipan Fingers, then Marble Hands

In working on the fairy files for Windy City, my taxonomy lingo is coming short.

Basically, I see three big (hypothesii?) for how vampires and were-things and all came about: One is that fairies did it (referred to on the above-linked page as fatagenesis, even though I was itching for an excuse to call it aeaeagenesis, since I love knowing aeaeae = magic). Another is that it was a mixed blessing from higher powers, and the other is that it was a mixed curse from higher powers. I'd like the second two to have some sort of 'good god creation' and 'bad god creation' terms, but benedeugenesis and maledeugensis seem a bit off. Namely, the -deu- bit; would it be a deus sort of thing, or a theo sort of thing?
Tags: etymology, q&a, rpg
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