Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Madam Palm & her Five Daughters

For those fluent in Russian (yes, I'm looking at you, Potapova, once this cycles through to FaceBook), what's a good translation from English of, "The crazy man shovels wood cheaply"?

"Crazy" can have the negative connotation of 'idiot/naïve/ignorant', "shovels" is like with snow, "wood" is like firewood, and "cheaply" is like 'inexpensively' (as opposed to 'in a mediocre manner').

The saying is something I came up with long ago to work as a proverb for when something happens in your favor, although it really isn't what you actually wanted to have happen, nor does it really fully help you out (like someone picking you up when you're hitch-hiking in inclement weather, but they're gong the wrong way). I've always thought it sounded like a Russian proverb, and I might use it as the header for my Tumblr account (presuming Tumblr allows for Cyrillic headers).
Tags: q&a
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