Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Vinegar Eels

I keep meaning to post about a tail-end of a dream I had earlier this week, but I keep forgetting.

Ok, so there were these intelligent space-faring things. Imagine a yard-long eel eating a squid, or a squid whose trunk is stretched out rather long and thin (about as long and thin as, oh... an eel?) and covered in a fish-like skin. The tentacles are pretty strong; strong enough that it can walk around with the trunk elevated (sort of like Thing, in the 1990s versions of the Addams Family), although the highest tip hangs down a bit.

Now, instead of eyes and things like you'd expect on an eel, or a squid, or an eel eating a squid, there were a series of dark ovals running along the body, with odd tube-y bits running alongside them. Somehow, the dark ovals worked like a combination of eyes and ears (and/or some other sensory system that worked just as well as Earth-Standard ones). Quite frankly, the ovals with the tubey bits made the whole thing sort of resemble a living floppy saxophone (if the bell had a squid stuck in it).

There was one of them in a command chair that greatly resembled Kirk's chair from Star Trek, and I was standing a couple of yards away. That's it, really. I started to wake up at that point (no clue if anything went on earlier) and realized that I was waking up while I was waking up, since I started to wonder why a being like that would use a chair, much less one with controls up on the arm-rests (not very ergonomic for a Saxophone Eel-Squid). Then it struck me that it was even odder that they'd have rooms like we know them, since it's much shorter than me, so it doesn't need to have rooms that could accommodate me. Wouldn't it be more like a series of chambers connected by tubes, with the tubes full of water (or whatever it is they swim around in)?

So yes, all I recall of it is an interesting breed of being, a flash of a scene, and then me being all nitpicky.

PS: I know the subject-line totally sounds like a Residents album or something, but there really are worms known as vinegar eels. Apparently it was these little suckers hanging out in wine that prompted Napoleon III to prompt Louis Pasteur (yes, that Mssr. Pasteur) to work out a way (yes, that way) to decontaminate potables.
Tags: dream
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