Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Die, Die, Die, My Darling

In looking at this theoretical RPG mechanic, I had a cute idea about a high-tech dice-rolling thing that modern tech can do.

Ok, so imagine a slightly over-sized six-sided die. But the faces aren't standard faces; instead they're little flat screens. When the die comes to rest, it displays the result on the top face. My stumbling block is how to work up a decent user interface for letting it know how many sides it virtually has (so you can roll this 'cyber d6', tell it you want to roll a d20, and have it pop out a number between one and twenty), and possibly even how many dice it's virtually rolling (so even though you're rolling just one object, it'll calculate for how many of what-sided dice).

In other news, let's say I was tinkering with a Wiki entry for someone and a real-life pal of that someone suggested (and supplied me with) a good photograph for that person's entry. How would I go about setting the Licensing/Copyright for that, and/or explaining the licensing options to the person (if I can't convince them to upload the picture themselves to Wikipedia)?

I know that Wiki is often nitpicky about picture-rights, to the degree of if the picture can't be proven to be OK-Fine for such use, they presume the worst.
Tags: q&a, rpg
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