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Everybody Hates William

Try this on for size, then hit the Comments section, then pop back here.

Back? Hi! My comment to the person who pointed me towards this was:

I can see CTYankee's point, to a degree -- let's say I'm filming a riot going on. Random-rioter Bob notices that I'm focusing particularly on the more violent bits and decides to start wailing on poor bystander Larry (who was making a point of avoiding violence). As far as I can tell, Larry's case would be against Bob; I don't think I've done anything actually illegal in filming it, it's not my legal fault that Bob was so stupid and excitable, nor is there anything illegal in my releasing/distributing/selling the footage.

Emphasis on "legally", though. Morally, I would think I'd be pretty much in the doghouse.

Now, I probably wouldn't mind such a thing being illegal, but I really don't know how such a law would read. I've been mulling over it for a couple of hours now (and you know how talking to yourself is the best way to formulate legal structure), and the best I can come up with is "making profit from footage of a crime, wherein the victim of the crime is part of the footage, is clearly identifiable, and didn't agree to the footage being sold".

I don't know about you, but this just seems far too nitpicky and specific to be a proper law. Mind, I think it's a lose-lose situation, since I'm sure many a person out there in the wide world would say I'm "helping the terrorists" or something by not pinning the blame on the most obvious target.

Speaking of "helping the terrorists", take a gander here.

My thought is that initially, you had folks who were a certain way. Later, the term "transgender" was coined. Still later (or maybe beforehand? Doesn't really matter), the whole sex-change surgery thing became possible. Later, some folks associated the whole pre-op and post-op thing with the term "transgender", thus leading to the past-tense "transgendered" (to me post-op). Later, folks confused the concepts and applied "transgendered" to folks regardless of "op"-titude.

Apparently, I'm a blight on the face of the Earth for proposing this idea, and somehow treating folks who aren't white-bread cisgender as objects or turtles or something (no clue what I'm treating them as, other than the claim of "not as people").
Tags: etymology
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