Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Alien Facebookery

1) Remember this person (in item No.3)?

2) A while ago, I thought I could go through Francesca Anderson to find her sister (who is a pal of mine), Cat (whom I eventually found).

3) The other day, I found a driver's license at work and realized, "Hey! There's a 41% chance this person has a FaceBook account!", plugged their name in the Search field, and found them!

None of these folks have replied to messages via FaceBook. The last one struck me as extra-special odd since, well.. it's their driver's license. That, and the message was 0% creepy.
William Young 19 June at 22:59
Subj: Your Driver's License
Your license? It's at Luna Bar & Grill (49 Park Street, sort of behind City Hall).

..I wonder if there's some odd trend of folks not checking messages from folks they don't know (or, in the second case and possibly the first, folks they don't know that they know)?

You might be starting to ask, dear reader, "But Will/William/Dork, what if that last person hasn't even read the message yet? It's not like everyone logs on FaceBook daily, nor has SMS notifications set up!" -- They've changed their profile picture twice since I sent the message about their license.
Tags: facebookery, q&a
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