Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

The Other Side of the World

A notion I pulled from a dream last night: Savory Whipped Cream.

Ok, normally when I make whipped cream at work, it's a little confectioner's sugar, a little vanilla extract, and a lot of heavy cream. But I got the idea (in my dream) of instead something like a little powdered sage, a little Worcestershire sauce, and a lot of heavy cream. Obviously, it wouldn't be a dessert thing, but instead would go with a steak or a pork chop or something. After all, whipped cream isn't too far from sour cream when you get right down to it.

I also finally caught up with Fringe, this week. It made me realize an alt-theory to a problem some folks face when trying to set up a funky MUSH.

Ok, so it's a really charming notion to have two 'grids' in a MU*, where one is in the past (or modern day) and the other is in the present (or in the future); that way, you get something similar to the storyline in Dark Shadows where Barnabas went back a century or so to try to prevent Quentin Collins from dying a restless death (and ended up finding out Quentin was a lycanthrope and sort of made Quentin accidentally immortal, but that's neither here nor there) and haunting folks in the present day. The trouble with doing that, though, is that the folks in the past setting are forced to not do anything that contradicts what's going on in the present-day setting (IE: If Horne Benjamin is in the 1800s group, Linus Benjamin is his great-grandson in the modern group, and Horne hasn't had a kid yet? Then Horne can't really be killed by anyone yet).


What came to mind that could swing a similar feel without running into similar problems would be something like Fringe. Basically, there's two similar but different universes, with one having some advances over the other and vice versa. Some big McGuffin happened a decade or so ago that's slowly prompting some cracks between the two, as well as cracks off in tangential directions (thus allowing seriously funky stuff to fall through). It has a very similar feel to the 'past & present' cross-setting notion, but eliminates the whole causality railroading problem.
Tags: dream, rpg
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