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So based on someone's suggestion, I started watching Fringe. I like it so far, save for one bit where someone was aging super-rapidly and ended up with grey hair (with the hair at the previous, pre-aging length, and no pile of lost hairs around the person's shoulders), and another bit where they tagged a flatlining person with a defibrillator. Obviously, both of those are just amazingly nitpicky things to worry about (and can be justified by saying that what we're seeing in the show is a dramatically hyperbolic representation of what was supposedly going on in the story -- the 'unreliable narrator' loophole solves a lot, if you broaden it to 'unreliable director/writer/etc..') When it comes to the, Oh please, technology can't do that..." issues, though, it helps to watch the series like I've been, where one watches the last half-dozen episodes of this latest season, and then starts to watch the series from the start (I think I'm about nine episodes in from the start).

There was one scene with the standard "frame of butterflies stuck on pins, and they start flapping" trope. I'm now wondering if anyone has made a fake butterfly-frame, whereupon the wings can flutter on command (maybe based on a motion-sensor?); for bonus points, have it be solar powered with the fake-butterflies' wings being the panels. If I knew a thing or two about how to make itty-bitty motors attached to colorful solar arrays, I'd start cranking this idea out tomorrow.

The way they let the audience know where new scenes are taking place reminded me of a post I'd meant to make in the past about augmented reality. Generally, when you hear about AR, it's in terms of the para-military applications and/or tourism sorts of things. The other day, at work, I realized that AR would actually be amazingly handy for foodservice. Initially I realized that it'd be dandy for remembering which place is "table 12" (or whatever number has been assigned), but then realized that one could go so far as to have the pending order/bill float above the table, when seen by someone with AR glasses (or whatever tech you want so folks don't have to carry something around and can just get a heads-up display).

Mind you, since my other foodservice tech-related idea of not bothering with lightbulbs in the ceiling, but instead having a "light box" that then channels the light through fiberoptics to the "bulbs" (which would actually just be prisms to distribute the light) doesn't seem to be panning out, I'm not sure we'll see this AR Bar-Tab thing going on in my lifetime.
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