Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

You Can't Stop the Signal!

Now that spring is about us, the sideyard at work is beginning to a'flourish with plants. It's really quite surprising the diversity one sees in even the most basic things. Sunlight-catching, for instance? Grass and many others just go with a straightforward "get higher than your pals" approach.

Others take a far more evil approach, spreading wide so it snuffs any poor neighbors (rhubarb is great at this; It just devastates any plants you put too close to it in the garden).

And then, of course, there's those that take a trickier approach, like my beloved vetch.

It grows up a bit and out a bit, until it locates some nearby plant that's doing the "higher than your pals" approach. It then latches onto that plant and uses it to hoist itself further up. This way, it doesn't have to develop proper vertical stalk architecture like grass and corn has, since all it needs to do is get a touch higher than any plant within grabbing range.
Tags: vetch, work
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