Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Raping and Driving Can Kill a Friendship

When I came into work today, there was a little grab-bag from Rape Response Services, full of coasters with the 1-800 hotline on them, and Hershey's Krackle (basically Nestle's Crunch) fun-sized bars with the same on them.

I'm wondering if I and the ghost of Ivan Pavolv are the only ones who find the candybars kind of hinky. IE: "They'll think about rape, tear the wrapping off of something, and get a treat!"

Oh, and the subject, here? On first scan, I thought the logo was something about "Rape Responsibly". Yeah... little different than what was actually there.

In happily unrelated news, any gamer folks out there have ideas about the bit here, concerning moving through other things, one level up? I'm thinking what might work is one can move through a thing that had moved (or had been moved) in as many hours as the speed-up factor.

So if you're on the first level, things moved in the last three hours are surprisingly intangible. Second level, nine hours. Third level, yesterday. Fourth level, three days. Fifth level, ten days. ... Eighth level, about a year. Et cetera.
Tags: q&a, rpg, work
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