Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

So I was thinking about AnitaVerse vampire Mind Rolling (it's kind've like WoD Dominate) and WoD 2.* having that weird blurry mirror-and-photo thing, and a thought came to mind.

Two funky bits about vampire legend that really have a hard time being justified by preternatural physics is the 'need to be invited in' bit and the 'no reflection' bit. What came to mind that could cover both would be if the vampire were to project a purely mental illusion of themselves first coming in, and then were to leave a post-hypnotic suggestion of "I stuck around and we had a charming little talk until shortly after dawn" before they started to trek back to their haven. The inviting bit would be due to it being an illusion of them arriving, so of course someone would have to open the door for them if it were to look natural. And if the post-departure illusion wasn't done terribly well, then they wouldn't be showing up in film-footage and might not be showing up in mirrors. Mind, the arrival thing might not actually be a pre-arrival illusion but might instead be that the vampire got in already via their own creepy means, and then projected a fake knock on the door and a fake person outside the door so as to set up a post-facto alibi.
Tags: rpg
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